Learning Disabilities

Music is a community activity

Pete has a wealth of experience running workshops for adults with learning disabilities. The workshops are creative and fun, with maximum participation. In these workshops he tends to lead with voice, and guitar or drum. People who need the help of a carer are very welcome.

People are encouraged to participate in singing and playing in any way suited to them. As well as singing, participants get to play a variety of mixed percussion, including djembes, shakers, tambourines, Boomwhackers, chime bars, and open-tuned guitars.

The music is drawn from many sources, including pop music, specially written pieces and a variety of world music. Activities can include singing, playing instruments, dancing, soloing, listening, arranging, song-writing, recording and performing.

Pete works with Magic Carpet Arts.

“Magic Carpet is a charity established in 1981 to help people gain self-confidence and well-being through participation in the creative arts. We are passionate believers in the power of creativity to help anyone challenged by health and social circumstances. Supported by a dedicated team of talented and trained artists, a steering group of 20 and a board of trustees, we run painting, ceramics, printing, drama and music activities for mental health groups, learning disability groups and community groups.”